Chef Bill Haley

Chef Bill Haley has been a professional chef for nearly two decades, graduating from Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy in San Francisco and then moving on to NYC to work alongside celebrity chef Todd English as his Executive Sous Chef. Bill helped to open, run, and manage a handful of restaurants and hotels including The Plaza Food Hall and The Soho Grand Hotel, as well as the Four Seasons Hotels in Newport Beach and Hawaii. Bill also helped to cater events for the late Anthony Bourdain.

After it became clear to Bill that his addictive behaviors had become unmanageable, he moved back to his home in Orange County, CA and began his own personal journey in recovery. He quickly noticed that everyone was talking about what not to put in your body, but no one was talking about what good stuff to put in. After a self-experiment with the Whole30 Challenge during his time in sober living, it became clear to Bill that neglecting the impact nutrition has on recovery was a huge disadvantage to anyone who was looking for truly healing and lasting sobriety.

In 2018 Bill toured the U.S. with the women’s wellness tour, The Brunch Series, catering 66 events for 2500 women. Upon his return to Southern California, he formally launched his business Culinary Recovery, where he truly turned his struggles into his greatest strength, and passed along the message of recovery through his passion for feeding others, body and soul.

When Bill isn’t in the kitchen, he loves spending time in the ocean, sweating it out in the gym, taking his dogs on walks, and working with others on their journey to sobriety.