Nourishing Food for a Lasting Recovery

When it comes to addiction recovery, it is clear as to what we SHOULDN’T consume, but it’s time to start thinking about what we SHOULD consume

Chef Bill Haley brings together his 15 years of culinary experience with his personal journey of addiction recovery to fill in what he believes is one of the greatest gaps in recovery communities today: nutrition and food

From supplying in-house private chefs, to catered events and community experiences, to cooking classes that encourage lasting healthy change, Chef Bill Haley is changing the way people in recovery eat. Learn more about Bill HERE


Catering + Events

Want to throw a special celebratory meal or a recurring Sunday evening feast at your detox, treatment center, sober living, or any space where those in recovery gather? Chef Bill Haley can cater events from 2 to 200+ people and can also arrange additional staffing and equipment rental for larger events. Bill also hosts collaborative parties where your group can cook and learn alongside Chef Bill so they can leave with a full belly and brain.


In-House Chef

Looking for a full time or part time private chef to feed the women or men in your detox or treatment center? Chef Bill has extensive experience working privately for recovery communities all over Southern California and is also available for consulting and training. You may request Bill specifically or he can provide you with a trusted cook trained in his culinary methods and perspective.


Cooking Classes

You’ve heard the phrase “teach a man to fish”, well it’s time to teach a man/woman to cook. There’s no greater way to empower those who are newly focused on taking care of their health than to show them affordable and easy ways to take their health into their own hands in the kitchen. Book Bill or a member of his culinary team to show your community how to shop, prep, cook, and serve healthy and tasty meals that they can carry with them beyond their time in treatment.


Have A Non-Recovery Focused Culinary Need? No Problem!

Bill is available for all your culinary needs. From bachelorette parties to graduations, family BBQ’s to holidays, date nights to birthdays, contact Bill (info below) to get a great rate for an exceptional experience

Learn more about Bill and his experience on the About Page